Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Face Hurts

And it's killing you?  My ex HATED that joke.  Serioulsy, it's the best joke ever.  I can't help it he was plagued with sinus issues and often complained about sinus pain.  I'm not a very sympathetic person as you can see.

Today, everyone in North County was pissed off and they all decided to bank with us today.  Seriously.  People were just all kinds of fired up today.  I figured it would be a pretty easy day.  Coming off a three day weekend, big win last night, beautiful weather. WTF people? 

I know it sounds like I'm complaining, but it was all rather funny.  Like the man who accused me of SNEERING at him. "I didn't like the way you SNEERED at me."   I didn't sneer, I ignored you sir, big difference and thanks for making me feel ugly that you assume this face is sneering.  One guy went on and on about World of Warcraft while my computer decided to be a dick and not work properly.  The sad thing was, even though I've never played, I know enough people that do that I was able to participate in the conversation.  He screamed nerd.  I dig a nerd but even I have my limits.  He was wearing a dragon t-shirt.  'Nuff said.

On top of everything else, my head really, fucking hurts.  I've been pretty lucky as I haven't been  plagued with migraines and headaches much lately.  I remember a time when I would get a migraine like twice a week.  This has to do with allergies and dead leaves and just all around weather related bullshit.  I'll live.  I also wonder if I'm the only person who feels nausous when I'm having sinus pain.  Right now, I want to rip my face off to relieve the pressure and this is after taking 2 sinus headache pill thingies.

Even though I've had two days off where I didn't do much of anything, tonight I'm not doing SHIT.  I plunked some random food on the table, grunted for the kids to eat and I went to my room.  If I think about the pain in my head too much, I'll seriously cry and that will only make things worse.  It makes me wish I had someone to rub my head and tell me I'm a pretty, pretty girl. 

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