Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eight Places I Want To Visit

I've got a migraine,so this may be short and sweet. I also just cut the grass while I had a migraine, so you know.. it may suck double hard.

I'm confused by this.. eight places I want to visit. Does that mean places I've never been? I'm going to list places I want to visit even if I've been there a million times.

1. Europe... I want to do the European tour, go to all the major countries and cities and see everything I can. Like the Griswald's. I want to run down the Louvre because it's closing in 45 minutes and I have to see everything just to say I did. You know?

2. New Orleans... Not during Mardi Gras, although that would be fun. I would just like to see all the sites I've read about in all of the Anne Rice books. Maybe I'll see Louis de Pointe du Lac and Lestat De Lioncourt in the shadows. Maybe I'll spot the Mayfair emerald on a woman's neck. It seems to have such an interesting mix of voodoo and Catholicism that goes hand and hand and it intriques me. I want to see the old mansions in the Garden District.

3. Japan.... Just to see the craziness that goes on there. Again, it's a strange mix that piques my interest. The epicenter of modern technology fused with old fashioned and fastidious ways of life. I'd love to go to Kyoto and see where the geisha live and work. They're a dying breed the geisha.

4. My sister in California... It seems like such a cool fun place to live! She is in the center of evertything,and I can't wait to be able to go there once!

5. New York City... For no other reason than it's NYC.

6. DisneyWorld... I can not begin to express how much freaking FUN I had there. Seriously. The memory is kind of marred because that was really the last thing we did as a family and 10 months later we were split and Ex said he was faking his enthusiasm the whole time. I'd love to take the kids again one day. I really need to try and plan it again. Just the three of us. Plus, I want to see the new Harry Potter exhibits!! I'd love to go without kids actually! Ssssh!

7. New Jersey.... To see my friend, Teri. She's so much fun to hang out with, and the area she lives in is pretty awesome. People hear Jersey and think like.. Jersey shore. This isn't like that. There is so much going on and then you're just a few minutes away from Philadelphia. I would actually love to move there. When I first stepped into her house, it was like I'd always been there when it was my first time there. I just felt comfortable. Neither of us had our kids, so it was like living with a room mate. There were shoes everywhere.

8. Memphis.... I've been here a million times, but this is a super fun city. I want to get about a billion friends together and we can just get wasted and go to Graceland then eat some ribs.


  1. I went to NO once and got to stay in Anne Rice's house! She wasn't there, but my mom's BFF's niece was her assistant at the time and arranged for us to get to spend a night in her house. I was pg with G at the time and I had HORRIBLE morning sickness. My claim to fame is that I blew chunks in Anne Rice's commode.