Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seven People Who Inspire Me

I've avoided this one all day because I can't seem to think of seven people. I can barely think of three and this in itself has bothered me tremendously. I don't know if I'm just an uninspirable (is that a word?) person or if I just lack something inside of me like a soul or something. To me a person's story can be interesting, and I admire when someone can do something great in the face of adversity but I find none of it inspiring. I think I'm too cynical or something. Other people see single mom gets off crack and starts a wonderful non for profit and all I see is some chick who shouldn't have gotten knocked up and hooked on drugs in the first place. It's horrible I know!

Anyway.. I'll try.... here I go.

My mom... she has a good life that she enjoys. She left her country not able to speak any english with a baby and a husband that was way into softball. She had to adjust and try to be the best mom and wife she could be with a language barrier. I can't imagine how she must have felt not really being able to help her kids with their homework you know? The best part though is it never bothered us or occurred to us that this was odd. She's a great mom, even if we don't see eye to eye. She accepts my differences that I have from the rest of the family.

My friend Ren. Not to sound all ass kissy, but seriously. Kind of like my mom, but she came to America for adventure. Just was all "This is how much I have just cut me a train ticket as far as I can go" and she went from Canada.. to Texas which always cracks me up. Like.. you don't get much more American than TEXAS!! She had trials and tribulations that is not my place to tell. She had two great kids and a crappy husband. Finally, she left, went back home and recently was invited to Oxford to read.. um.. something. I'm a shitty friend, I forget what. But, like I said earlier about how I view things.. that's what she gets for going to TEXAS. (Just kidding, Ren)

Stephen King because he took his fucked up imagination and made millions from it.

Louie because he's a dog and he takes the utmost pleasure in the simplest things like getting a tummy rub. You could be gone five minutes and a dog will act like you were gone for five years they way they react. We all should be so happy to be alive.

My kids because they're kind of like the dogs where the simplest things make them happy. Give a kid a bottle of bubbles, man they're set for like the whole day. I wish life was that easy for me sometimes.

Oh! This one just popped in my head. Will Wright, the creator of Sims. He was told no one would EVER want to play a game where you made people pee and eat. So, he worked on the game in his free time and then was all BOOYAH! That JUST happened. Suck it.

Martin Luther King, Jr. becuase you're an asshole if you don't say him.

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  1. ROFL, your version of the story is way better than mine. I get caught up in the little details that are trivial.

    I feel so honored to be there with your mama!!! And btw, you're a huge inspiration to me whether or not you think you are. You just do what you gotta do even if it sucks ass. And if it's gonna suck ass, you're going to find the humor in it somewhere.

    BTW, this fucking box wants me to type in Canadian and keeps highlighting my words like humor and honored. Apparently it doesn't realize my keyboard has dual citizenship too.