Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My So Called Life....

I've been wanting to write in this thing for awhile, but I really don't have too much to write about. The things I would really like to write about I don't feel comfortable doing so because I don't want er'ry body to know my business. I'm a scorpio, I keep secrets. That's how I am. So, I pretty much tell the people I want to know certain business. They know what they know, and if you're not sure you're one of them, well you'll never know will you? *evil cackle*


Work has been going really well. I seem to be picking up on everything at a pretty steady pace. One aspect of the job that was surprising to me is referrals and cross-selling products. We're required to do so many referrals a month and they'd like a percentage of those to turn into sales. So, say if someone comes in and they don't have a Christmas club account, or direct deposit, I say "Hey would you like to open a Christmas club or Direct deposit?" I mean, you're supposed to do it with a bit of salesmanship, although asking directly like, technically counts, so you know whatever works.

Being new, I'm excused from referrals for the time being, yet I figured I would go ahead and at least try them out. Get used to them so I could feel comfortable when I did have to start. I was just kind of doing them half assed here and there, not really thinking too much about them. Little did I know that 18 in your first month is pretty dang awesome. There is nothing like getting an email complimenting you on a job well done. Not only that, but my general manager told me the other day that everyone is really impressed with how well I'm doing and my supervisor is afraid I'll be "stolen" from her.

Working has been so much fun. I know that sounds silly, but I get up and I rarely think "Oh man I have to go to work." and when I do, it's usually because I just didn't get enough sleep the night before (Louie is a douchebag.. just sayin'). Although I enjoy it immensely, It's also not my social life either. 3 days a week it's me and another woman, who is my boss. We chat and laugh and we have a lot in common, but she's usually busy as she works as a teller/loan officer/personal banker/water cooler changer. Seriously, that woman does it all. People will wait for her to close a loan just to have HER make out their bank checks, because she does it just right. The other days a week, I'm at the busier fancypants branch. I just sit in my little cubby and I rarely speak to anyone. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't feel the need to be chummy with everyone. I'm sure they all think I'm anti-social but I don't really care.

Another big step is that I am going to put the kids in childcare before and after school. X has agreed to pay half. Not that he'd have much choice, but it's still a BIG chunk coming out of my pocket and honestly, I don't know how I'm going to do it. But, my mother just can't do it anymore, and I understand. Yet, this is the best option for everyone all around, and even though I'll probably eat beans and rice for a year or two to make ends meet, you know, it will be worth the peace of mind I'll get. It was getting to the point where I was dreading coming home because I knew either Aislinn, Jonny or my mom would be pissed and if it was a shitty day, all three. It was getting to be too much for everyone. No hard feelings. We all gave it a go, mom especially, it didn't work, so we try something new.

X is back in town, and he took the kids for his first weekend visitation since he's been home and it was nice but kind of sucky. The quiet here at home was deafening. I purposely made myself stay by myself the first day. The second day I couldn't hack it and spent the day with my mom. The first day I started off ok with work and then I went and got new glasses. After the high of not allowing the staff to sucker me into every bell and whistle on my glasses (A pair of regular glasses and a pair of RX sunglasses for 175 dollars thank you very much. All together, not each) I was all "What now?" So, I said fine, I'll walk around the mall. After that I kind of gave up and went and got a shit load of junk food, and came home and sat in the quiet eating then reading until I fell asleep. What a life huh? Don't be jeaslous.

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