Friday, April 29, 2011

Nine Things I Can't Live Without...

I kind of hate this one because save food, water, air, shelter, my children and family, I could live without a lot. I hate sounding like a mega douche but you know what I mean? There I go ruining all the fun, I hate when I do that. So, I'm not even going to MENTION those things because it goes without saying ok?

1. My IPhone... Yes, my phone. I am that asshole that is constantly doing something on her phone. My phone has my whole life in it and that's not an exaggeration! It fills every need I have except for cutting my grass and sex. If I could get apps for those two things on this puppy, I'd never want for another thing again. I read books on it, have my grocery lists, my recipes. It's my main phone. My main source for music and it is my alarm clock. I play Words with Friends with about 17 people on it. I check my email, my voicemail, my texts, my Yahoo Messenger and my Facebook on it. I've actually considered dropping my internet service because I have my phone. I can shop on it, I can watch TV on it, I can listen to actual radio on it. Anything I want to KNOW, I can find out in an instant.

2. Books... Well, written word I should say now, since I very rarely read actual bound books. It sounds all cool to say "I read" but honestly, the shit I read is crap. I read for pure entertainment. Books that are somewhat mindless and fluff. I've tried to read classics and they're boring.

3. Coffee... I've done a lot of diets in my day, and the one thing I could never give up is coffee. It's a shame really, to be so dependent on a substance. If someone said to you I could NEVER give up beer, or crack or sex with midget hookers, we'd call the show Intervention and start writing letters about how we love that person and if they don't stop doing XYZ today then.... (You know how those letters go, don't act like you don't!) I've cut back drastically in the last few years, but still. I want it. Especially when I go to my mom's house.

4. My water bottle... I drink a lot more water if I can drink it out of a bottle of some sort. I was given a water bottle by a friend last year and it's amazing. There's something about the way it's made that makes the water come out "creamy" as my sister put it. There are no air bubbles, so you can drink 2/3rds of it without stopping. That's no lie. I'm going to get one for home and one to keep in the car. The one I have now I carry too and from work and it's getting banged up

5. This blog... I love this thing. I've always written in some kind of online journal, starting with the ones on TLOL and then SpiritChasers, LiveJournal and now Blogger. I even have a secret blog no one and I mean NO ONE knows about. Oh shit.

6. The wisdom of my father... Ok, yeah. That sounds totally corny, but the best things I've learned in life have been from him. 1. If you're late for work or late for anything really, don't rush to get there. You're already late. Being less late is better, but if you get in a wreck trying to be less late, you'll probably not make it there at all. 2. Credit is very, very important. 3. Worrying is pointless. If your kids are starving, worrying about it won't make food appear. Be proactive and get food. Worrying doesn't solve anything. 4. No, life isn't fair. The sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be. 5. A man not willing to open a door for you is a man not worth dating.

7. The cold.... I feel my best when it's cold outside. I hate summer. I hate sweating, since I can sweat just thinking about the heat. I hate summer clothes. There is no better feeling than walking outside while the wind is whipping and the cold stings your cheeks.

8. My headphones... Whenever I feel stressed or I need to drown out life I put in my headphones. They keep me sane. The music is nice, yeah but really, it's the ability to be inside my own head. To not hear kids fighting, dogs barking or think about things I can't control. They're a lifesaver.

9. Flats... I love flat shoes. I can't help it. I know my legs looks smoking when I wear heels, but I love the way I looke in flats. Flats go with my style, no matter how boring that may be. They're comfy. Any girl can rock heels, but it takes a special kind of girl to rock flats when the others are in heels. I like to think so anyway

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