Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Degrees of Separation

I hate it when I get a good idea about something to write about and then poof it's gone. All I remember is that I was outside, taking the Terrier Twins on their millionth potty break, and I was like "OMG that would like TOTES MCGOTES make a good subject to elaborate on, and now I have done forgotted it. Yes, I said forgotted.

So, I'll just talk about something random.

Today, my dad calls me and says he read an article about the state of the job market now and he got to thinking, that since this is the most money I'll probably have EVER. (EVER! People!) that I should think about getting educated fast and get a job after that. Totally makes sense, Dad. That may be the way to go.

Wait, let me stop there to explain something really quick. He was supposed to go up to the bank he has been going to for years to "give them a good word" on me when I told him I was applying there for positions they ACTUALLY have available. I guess he's been banking there so long, he's buddies with the manager etc.

So, I'm starting to panic, because although the whole educated before working thing is a primo idea, I'm kinda wanting this job. Because there is no way I can get my education before I officially divorce. When I officially divorce I'll get less money.

So, he's starting to brainstorm, spit ideas off the top of his head. He told me I needed to find something that I can get educated in in three months. Ummm impossible. But, you don't say that to my dad. You just say "Well, I'll look into what I can do." He starts getting really excited he's like "You need to be a truck driver! Yeah a truck driver, or, or a plumber's assistant!" Now, honestly I am not at all offended. This is my dad and I know he is saying these things to help me. But, a trucker? A plumber's assistant? I explained that if I was a trucker, I'd have to go out of town, a a plumber's assistant? Well, I might as well work a minimum wage crap job now (No pun intended) as I have no desire to work as a plumber. He said a few things, he kept saying "You need to work in a man's field. Think about something a man would do." He never clarified that statement, so the only logical conclusion I could come to was that being a woman, I could push the whole HEY I'm a woman thing you HAVE to hire me. It makes sense I guess?

After he said all this, he said he'd still go up and talk to the lady at the bank. He gave me a glowing review. He said "Well, you know my other two daughters, they have degrees. Sandi doesn't, she's been a Navy wife for 12 years, but she's super smart."


Again, I get it, he's a guy and he's nailing it down for me. I am NOT looking a gift horse in a mouth, trust me. The lady took what my dad said and ate it up with a spoon. Thanked him profusely, told him she appreciated it. That he was good people, and so I must be too. Honestly, if I get this job, it will mainly be because of my dad. You could tell that she really respected my dad and his opinion. That means a lot.

It's just SO my dad. He's just so blunt, and that's probably where I get it, but I'm also a female, so I think that in itself kind of softens the bluntness. I am NOT knocking my dad he really hepled me out. When I met that woman today, she immediately recognized me. And you want to know why she recognized me? Well, duh I'm the one without the degree.

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