Monday, January 24, 2011

If I Had A Label, It Would Be "Chunk Light Tuna In Oil"

Labels are funny, and even though I'm opposed to them in general, I label people all the time. It's stupid really, because people are too complex. What bothers me the MOST though, is when people label themselves, and therefore live by this label. They'll say things like "Oh in my group of friends I'm the bitch/cook/jokester/nose picking dog rapist." then they spend all their time and energy living up to the self proclaimed role. It's kind of like giving yourself a nickname, you only end up being the douchebag.

See? There I go labeling someone again.

I guess it's impossible not to. I guess I have more issues with snap judgements (and those douchebags who label themselves and then live by them. Really, really dislike those kind of people. But, ahem. I digress.) I was thinking in the shower today, and if you were to go by my physical image, you would think, I don't know I was like some hipster wanna be derby girl with my tattoos and my stripey hair, and my Art Nouveua styled t-shirt with a very proper zombie lady eating brains on her fancy china and a fork. I'm really not though. If I had to "label" myself it would be, well a dork. Uncomfortable in her own skin, who loves to read more than she likes to do anything else in the world who has a penchant for video games and texting. When I'm around my good friends, I'm usually loud and I kind of hate that about myself. When I'm around people I don't well or at all. I'm painfully quiet as in... "Wow, is she autistic or drunk?" I'll blurt out random sentences that make people look at me funny, smile and nod, and then look away quickly. "I LIKE YOUR BEARD! BAH!"

With that dorky side, also comes a very sexual side. Where I have no issues with casual sex (Although not a practicing participant at the moment) and general hooking up. Which gives the impression of, well, ok a WHORE, but it's not THAT easy either. The people I am interested in sexually, have to turn me on intellectually. That is actually really hard to find. Then you get into, ok I'm fine with casual sex (always safe people, always safe) but not casual making out and like hand hold and snuggling and shit. If we're going to have sex, and we both know that's what it's about... please do not hold my hand, or pretend there is something more there because you and I both know, there isn't. I'm not your typical girl that needs to be wooed just to get in my pants.

I guess I've been thinking about labels a lot because of trying to find a job. On paper I'm a 34 uneducated stay at home mom who is trying to make it out in the world again. I'm so much MORE than that though. Take for instance, I would love to work at Best Buy. Actually, I want to SUPER bad. But on paper, I don't seem like the kind of person that would be good at it. Because I'm OLD. Yet, you would probably have more luck asking ME, a customer, a question and getting a good answer, than one of those young kids, who are all "Ummmm I'm not sure? Like, let me go ask my boss?" (I don't think Jordan reads this, but if you happen to, I am NOT talking about you. )

So, yeah. I don't know what the point of this whole post is, other than I just wanted to write it. So, there. Because I'm a bad ass that way. I have the tattoos to prove it.


  1. I have no self filter button. I have conversations in my head that seem really cool but when I blurt out random shit I realize no one was in on the original conversation. It's ok, you can blurt out random shit to me :D

    I don't like labels either. Because the label that always comes up my way is "single mom" and I'm way more complex than just a single mom. I hate when people say "Oh, she's too busy, she's a single mom." REally? I'm busy because I'm a mom. who works. who goes to school. who tries to carve out gaming time whenever the kids are sleeping. who never sleeps. There's way more to me than just that one title.

    Sorry, I'll jump off your soapbox now. BTW, while we were sharing it there briefly, I noticed your cute shoes.