Saturday, April 17, 2010

Like Ripples In A Pond

When people divorce it ripples and affects people you don't initially think about. Of course, the now seperating couple is affected and of course their children.

Through all this right now I'm not worried about me. I've been given a blessing in disguise. I of course worry about my children, but I think in the end they'll be ok. The one I keep going back to is my dad.

My dad had three daughters and I am the oldest. The first one to do everything, including having a serious boyfriend. A boyfriend he didn't care for at all. The boyfriend that took his little girl's virginity and who eventually became her live in boyfriend, her fiance, her husband. As the the years passed he and Tony had become good friends. Almost to the point where it was uncomfortable for me since my father and I didn't have the best of relationships.

I hurt for my dad. Not only is he hurting because I'm hurting and my kids are hurting, he is hurting also because he lost his son. His fishing buddy. When Tony and I visited home and stayed with my parents, they were always downstairs, watching some stupid movie together and talking about fishing. My sisters were jealous of the relationship that my dad had with Tony that my dad didn't necessarily have with their men. He often chose Tony's side over mine, lectured me on how I should treat him, and relied on Tony to help him with most mechanical things.

It's hard to fathom how deep this all goes. How one or two or three decisions greatly alters the lives all around us.

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