Monday, August 30, 2010

Change of Plans

I was advised that we probably shouldn't move until our things are able to be shipped, so that's what we're doing. I called the school, and all I have to do to register them is to bring in proof we still live here. Easy. Luckily for the kids, school doesn't start until next week, so they're still on summer vacay. Yesterday we started going to bed early. It was nice having a few quiet hours to myself after they went to bed.

Ex isn't happy about us staying. I really don't know why. He's been pushing us to move constantly. Up until last week I was willing to do what it took to not rock the boat, even though he doesn't believe that. I have tried to keep both our long term lives in mind while trying to maintain the comfort of our children. I'm trying to make this easy for everyone. I really am. I don't want Ex to be penniless. I really don't, but then again I'm not going to be all "Oh you don't have to give us enough money." either. I'm not going for more than what we are entitled to.

He gets mad about the amount he has to pay, but getting mad at ME is pointless. Go yell at the Navy then, since it's their rule that he pay me this amount. This is THEIR number, not mine. After we divorce it's expected to go down sure, but it won't go down a lot. It's not like I'm some girl he knocked up and then married to make the situation right.

We were a couple, we married, we PLANNED on our children. Neither were "pleasant surprises". We both agreed that me being a stay at home mom was important. It's not like I never worked. I worked part time since I was sixteen and full time at times with two jobs since I was 18. I worked full time until Aislinn was 3. We were moving, I wanted to get pregnant, so I stopped working. The job I had was stressful and I was miserable. It only made sense to quit. It ended up working well for us. With his erratic recruiting schedule, me staying home made sense and I would be working to just pay the daycare.

So, hearing him sneer at me to "get a job" is hurtful. I had and still have a job. Raising my children. That's an important job, especially since I have to worry about Aislinn and her Tourettes. I'm trying the best I can, and yet he never seems happy even though this is what he's wanted. He left, he knew it would cost him, he knew what it meant, but he's still so angry.

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  1. He should be angry at himself! He caused this mess. Can't "have his cake and eat it too".

    You are right--your job is a job and a very important one. How would your kids feel with yet another major change in their lives? Keep doing what you're doing. You are a good mom and you are doing what's best for THEM. :)