Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Reason for My Dude Fast

Another weekend alone, and it's been about two weeks since I started my dude fast.  I'm going to explain exactly why I decided to do this.

So, what? Like three weeks ago a relationship I was in ended.  I was upset about it as anyone would be, but not like devastated.  The first weekend I had to spend kid free and alone was kind of hard.  So, there I was bored, lonely and kind of miserable.  No boyfriend, all my friends are married with kids, so no one to hang out with, as they're always with their families doing family things.  I was just down and blue.

Cue That Guy.

I'm not going to get into the history of me and That Guy, but That Guy likes to text me under the pretense of being "friends"   After breaking up with the boyfriend and having a shitty week in general, he texts me encouraging words.  "Chin up!" and all that other shit.  Of course, my wonded ego eats it up.  We had an all day conversation back and forth via text.  Nothing special, just a friends right?  He made hints about coming over, but I just blew them off. Just assumed they were talk, not serious inquiries and even if I had known they were serious inquiries, I would have said no.   Me and That Guy had a one night thing and I have no interest in haivng another night, you know? 

Anyway, he was really there for me, or so I thought.  He made my Saturday a lot better.  More tolerable.  Then Sunday rolls around, and I don't know how we got on the conversation, but he said something like "I asked to come over like four times yesterday." and I answered something kind of passive and whatever and then next thing I know, he's telling me how much he wants to perform oral on me and he doesn't need anything else, we don't have to have sex, just perform oral on me and leave.

I. Was. Pissed!

And offended!

And the truth hit me in the face. 

All that being friendly was bullshit.  BULLSHIT.   He didn't care that I was bummed.  He saw me being bummed as an opportunity to get laid.  He was doing that good guy friend thing as a WAY TO GET LAID.  He was was ok with USING ME.


I told him that anything between us was never going to happen. EVER. He responded with some short, terse answer.  And guess what?  I've not heard a word from him since. Not a single fucking word.  This is a guy that nearly PLAGUED me with messages on a daily basis.  Like, kind of roll my eyes when I'd see he texted.  And now, nothing.  Some friend, huh?

Good Riddance.

(Actually, I just realized after writing this that we're still friends on Facebook.  I fixed that problem)

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