Friday, May 11, 2012


So, what's up with me?  Well, I'll SHOW you!

My sister came in from California and we had a great time.  We took a lot of pictures like this :

This is the story of my life.  Hiding in the background, trying not to be noticed while Michelle's nostrils take front and center.  Her nostrils are SUCH attention whores.

While visiting, Michelle spent a lot of time doing people's nails.  She did mine.  Wanna see?

And she did Aisy's
Aisy likes owls.  A lot. 

I'm a little concerned about Michelle and her love of nail art.  She is perpetuating the "asian doing nails" stereotype and I'm trying to overlook it since she's so good at it, but when she walks around like this, it's hard to ignore.

She went full asian.  You never go full asian.

She was here during Cinco De Mayo.  We managed to stop her from giggling behind her hands and obsessing over Hello Kitty long enough to have a margarita. 

Here's proof that I was there and not just stealing these pics from her Facebook page:

We had such a great time!  All  of us are always so busy with everyday life.  We all try to connect as best as we can, but nothing beats just being in each other's presence.  There is something about breathing the same air and reaching out and touching that person that makes life more bearable.  Me and my sisters are all very different people, with different view points and definitely different lifestyles and ways of dress but just being sisters, it's like something becomes whole when we're all together with our mom. It's like Voltron.  Each lion can do pretty well on it's own, but together, we're that much more formidable and awesome.

I mean, who else is going to dance herself naked when you win nine buck at penny slots? 

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