Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm SO Money

I got my first allotment on the first of the month. I will only get "paid" once a month. There are pros and cons to that situation. The main good point is that I get all my bills paid at once, and out of my way, and I get to see where I stand for the rest of the month. Actually, there isn't any cons... yet. I should say there are potential cons. Like... not realizing how much money I spend on stupid shit, or not realizing a month is a long ass time and me and the kids are eating cereal by the 25th of the month or something. I'll let you know if that happens.

For once, I feel financially secure. I know that sounds odd since most women in a divorce situation usually feels the opposite. That's what happens when you live with someone who isn't that great with money. Who wields his debit card like it's a plastic magic wand, there to grant his every wish and every wish is for cigarettes, bottles of soda, coffee from 7-11 and fast food. Who can make a 20 dollar bill disappear right before your very eyes, and have nothing to show for it. I don't know how he did it, but he always did. Once he put us a few hundred dollars overdrawn over pizza. I'd go to work, he'd write a check for a pizza. Every night for almost two weeks. That... whoa.. that was ugly.

It's just so much easier to track when I'm the only person in that account. I have my little checkbook app on my phone, and as soon as I make a transaction, I log it. I tried that before, but it was impossible because he'd make so many transactions and we'd fight over money so much, I would just wouldn't bother.

So, now I feel ok. I don't have THAT stress either, that financial stress that I dealt with all the time when we were married. I have MY money, and it pays MY bills. I even gave him half the mortgage and you know he didn't even say thank you? He kind of rolled his eyes. I think he was convinced I wouldn't give it to him, and so when I did, I disappointed him a little. Oh, but he cashed the check first thing Monday morning.


  1. I actually found myself in a WAY better spot financially once Mike was gone. Well, before I went back to school LOL. But I get by despite his lack of child support, which I know I could NEVER do if he were with us. Mike was a lot like Tony - spend spend spend until the card/check gets declined, and then they were like "oops, I had no idea I spent that much!" It's so much easier to keep track of when you're the only one using it.

    I know that if I ever get married again, I am definitely having separate bank accounts!

  2. Ren, I always thought seperate checking accounts while married was wrong, but now I could never not have my own, even if I remarry. We can have a shared one where we both contribute, but I still want my own too.