Friday, March 22, 2013

Every Day

This is me every morning:

Get up,check my email and read any errant text messages from the night before I may have missed. Then, I shuffle off to the bathroom to pee, shuffle off to make coffee.  Shuffle off to the shower to get clean and while in the shower, I'll think of something that really gets my head going.  Get out, dry off and think "I should write about that." Make coffee (still down to one cup a day), take a drink, think more of the brilliant thought and how I can tie it in with another brilliant thought, check Facebook, iron clothes, all the while cursing the iron for leaking water, but still expounding on my brilliant thought in my head.  Imagine becoming a famous blogger like Dooce (except without all the haughty "Look at what I bought" bullshit, of course)  because this one is IT baby.  This one will get me passed all over the internet like $2 whore working at the docks!  Do hair, brush teeth, get dressed, think about that thing with a little less intensity, but think I should probably try before I lose it, look at my laptop, look at the time and say "THIS TIME I will not forget"

Then, I forget.

I get home and I try to remember what I wanted to write and I can never remember. Or, I'll remember the subject, but I can't get the words out I want to say, they all sound stupid and dumb and I realize I'm a big ole dummy and I hate myself and now I have to start dinner.

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